The Essex Green -《The Long Goodbye》[MP3!]

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  • 摘要:发行时间: 2003年04月08日地区: 美国语言: 英语
  • 发布时间:2007/03/29 13:53:43
  • 更新时间:2007/03/29 13:53:43
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    我一直偷偷觉得日本那个开花爷爷的故事和The Essex Green有什么不可告人的偷情韵事,不然为什么都会突然有花团锦簇的感觉涌现?
    这张比起2000年的Everything is Green多了老成的tone,复古的风潮,有用笛子就有异国风情,青涩的青葱已经长大了,开始根部变成可以制感冒的白色。好象一部成长纪录片到最后老了其实不改本色的老来俏,中间有少年老成的样子到最后回归了最开始的自己。
    Essex Green就是暖洋洋的舒畅,不做作的自然,而自然就是最难得可贵的天份。纵使吉他技巧是那么的高超,行云流水还有斑鸠琴,却没感受到一丝一毫炫技的成分反而是浑然天成的一片绿。[转自小白兔橘子;作者:Sky]
    This group s area code may suggest an ordinary Brooklyn address, but its spiritual home is harder to place. On Old Dominion, the trio visits the pastoral California coast to indulge in some bright harmonizing in the style of the Mamas the Papas; The Late Great Cassiopia takes a jaunty stroll through the Kinks tree-lined London streets; and the misleadingly titled closing track, Berlin, actually signals a summer spent in Baja, with its leisurely verses and light touches of Latin percussion recalling the naïve baroque pop of the Association. Maybe it s not so much a question of place as time. The follow-up to the group s ambitious 1999 debut, Everything Is Green, is a diverse and engaging work, expanding on the delicate psychedelic touches of its predecessor while updating the Essex Green s vivid 60s influenced pastiche. The Long Goodbye is all over the map and it s wonderful.