Darkthule -《Beyond The Endless Horizons》[MP3!]

  • 状态:精华资源
  • 摘要:发行时间: 2004年地区: 希腊语言: 希腊语
  • 发布时间:2006/06/04 10:34:32
  • 更新时间:2006/06/04 10:34:32
  • 类别:音乐,欧美音乐
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  • 资源介绍
    专辑中文名: Beyond The Endless Horizons歌手: Darkthule资源格式: MP3发行时间: 2004年地区: 希腊语言: 希腊语简介:
    Darkthule来自希腊,是Moros的单人团,这张专辑由Heathen Records发行,Hellenic Aryan Black Metal。继承90年代早期BM(比如Darkthrone)的特点,狂暴冰冷,鼓敲的机关枪似的,Primitive Raw Atmospheric。
    Raging, icy Black Metal in the ancient early 90s vein, with monotonous, machine-gun drums, primitive production, and, obviously, adoration for DARKTHRONE s Transilvanian Hunger . There is more to it, however, as in the midst of the noise, we get some deviations from the norm in the riffing, with some Grecian elements. Very raw and atmospheric.