《Flash CS3 E书教室》(Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Classroom in a Book)CHM

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    中文名: Flash CS3 E书教室英文名: Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Classroom in a Book别名: Flash CS3 完全攻略版本: CHM发行时间: 2007年04月27日地区: 美国对白语言: 英语简介:
    Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Classroom in a Book
    这本基于项目的指南籍由引人入胜的互动内容教导读者学习Flash CS3。在每一节课程,通过逐步的提示引导读者学习。
    当然,读者也将学到怎样利用Flash CS3的新特点--效率化的用户界面、本地支援photoshop和Illustrator档案、改进后的绘图工具、新的视频编码功能、代码编辑增强以及更多。
    This project-based guide from Adobe will teach readers all they need to know to create engaging interactive content with Flash CS3. Using step-by-step instructions with projects that build on the knowledge learned in each lesson, readers will learn the key elements of the Flash interface, including panels, timelines, and frames. From there, readers will learn how to work with vector and bitmap graphics; create and edit symbols; modify text and add interactivity with ActionScript 3.0; and incorporate animation, music, and sound to their projects. They ll also learn how to prepare and export their finished projects for Web and broadcast. Of course, readers will also learn how to take advantage of the new features of Flash CS3--the streamlined user interface, native support for Photoshop and Illustrator files, revamped drawing tools, new video encoding features, code editing enhancements, and much more.
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